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Meeting Minutes


Call to order – Hao Tanacsos
The general meeting was called to order by President Hao Tanacsos.

Hao announced that she plans on submitting her resignation as Chapter President at the end of August. Those interested in filling the Chapter President position, please contact Madeline Chang at

Secretary’s Report – Teresa Calabrese
Teresa stated that May’s meeting minutes were emailed to all members listed on our roster. The meeting minutes are also available for review on our website

Treasurer’s Report – Derrick De Mello
Derrick reported on the financials for May and June. Our ending bank balance for the month of June was $19,499.05. Please see attached financial statements for more details.

Committee Reports

Celebrating a Lifetime of Friends – Derrick De Mello/Hao Tanacsos
  1. The event will take place on Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 at the Hawaii Convention Center. Each Hawaii Chapter member and one guest are invited to attend free of charge. Additional guests will pay $35.00 each. Flyers are available on your way out. Email invitations will be sent the week of July 17th, 2017.

Membership – Ivy Kwok
  1. We have a total of 84 members.

Hospitality – Marissa Cacacho/Jo-Ann Yonamine
  1. We had 40 people attend the meeting, 30 members and 10 guests.

Public Relations/Website – Shelly Awaya
  1. The IEHA Digest Newsletter has been printed and is available for those wanting copies. Thank you to all vendors who sponsored advertisements in the newsletter. The newsletter will also be available on our website.

Ways & Means – Shelly Awaya
  1. McFun-raiser Coupon Booklets remains our primary fundraiser. Thank you to Ken Kanter, Expo Director for his recent purchase of 200 coupon booklets! Please contact Derrick De Mello for booklet purchases.

IEHA Updates / Education & Resources - Madeline Chang
  1. ISSA/IEHA Annual Convention will be held September 11-16, 2017 in Las Vegas at Bally’s. Information can be found on the website

  2. Madeline will not be organizing the Hawaii Boot Camp this year. If anyone would like to organize, Madeline would be happy to provide you with information on organizing the event.

Old Business
  1. Donation Receipts: Today we have $19.00 donated.

New Business
  1. IEHA/ISSA discussion on potential merger and upcoming vote - Madeline Chang

    1. IEHA is now a division of ISSA.
    2. Michael Paterson is the Executive Director.
    3. Officers on the International Board of Directors are:
      • i. President – Zainudeen Popoola
      • ii. President Elect – Arthur Coleman
      • iii. Secretary/Treasurer – Wanda Joyce
      • iv. Director at Large – David Crowell
      • v. Director at Large – Madeline Chang
      • vi. Director at Large – Isaac Johnson
      • vii. Director at Large – Ada Baldwin
      • viii. Director at Large – Thomas Jones
      • ix. Director at Large – Patrick Parker
    4. The Board voted for the name: The International Executive Housekeeping Alliance.
    5. Merger documents have been filed with the states of Ohio & Illinois.
    6. The Ohio office has been completely cleared out of the contents. There will be minor renovations done within the office which will also include ISSA staff.

  2. For those members who have questions regarding the merger, Hao and Madeline will stay after the meeting to answer those questions.

Meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Hao Dang Tanacsos
IEHA Hawaii Chapter

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